• Who qualifies for Rogers wireless credits?
    As a Referrer, you must be an existing Rogers wireless customer on a postpaid plan with an account in good standing for 30 days. As a Referee, you must be a new Rogers Wireless Consumer customer, also have your account in good standing for 30 days and have signed up for a wireless plan with an eligible wireless postpaid plan after you were referred. See Terms & Conditions below for more details.
  • Who can I refer?
    You can only refer individuals who satisfy the above eligibility requirements and, to ensure compliance with Canada's anti-spam legislation, with whom you have a personal or family relationship. That is, you're either related to one another or it would be reasonable to conclude that you have a personal relationship with the person (and in each case the relationship includes direct, voluntary, two-way communication).
  • What happens if I cancel my Rogers wireless service?
    Only current Rogers wireless customers with qualifying service can participate in the Refer Your Friends program as a Referrer. If you cancel your Rogers wireless service, your right to earn Rogers wireless credits will be forfeited.
  • What happens to my program membership if I change my service and/or rate plan?
    To refer your friends and family and be eligible to receive referral credits, you must be an existing Rogers wireless customer on a postpaid plan with an account in good standing. As long as your service meets these requirements, you are qualified to receive a $50 Rogers wireless credit or one month free service (whichever is less) on your next bill. See Program Rules for details.
  • What if I change my Rogers Mobile Number after I register for the Rogers Refer Your Friends Program?
    If you change your Rogers Mobile Number you will need to have the new number updated on your member account to continue to be eligible for Rogers wireless credits.  Simply login to the Refer Your Friends program and click "Edit Profile" to update your new number.


  • How do I register for the Rogers Refer Your Friends Program if someone has referred me?
    • If you received a Refer Your Friends email or a message through social media, simply click on the link to the program website in the email/post and follow the instructions to register for the program.
    • You can also register by selecting "Referred by Someone? Click Here!" on the website. If you choose this option, you'll need to provide the email address of the friend who referred you.


  • The person I referred deleted the referral email or no longer has the social media posting. What should I do?
    You can resend an email or re-post from the Rogers Referral website homepage. Be sure to sign in first. Your referral can also visit www.rogers.com/refer and select "Referred by Someone? Click Here!" and then enter your email address to register.
  • Do referrals expire?
    Yes. Referral emails and social media invitations are valid for 45 days. You can check the status of these referrals in the Referral Statement, located on the Home page of the website.


  • How does my referral qualify for a Rogers wireless Credit?
    When you refer a friend to Rogers they may qualify for a credit if they sign up for a Rogers wireless plan with an eligible wireless postpaid plan. See Program Rules for more information.
  • How many Rogers wireless Credits can I get?
    You can earn up to $300 per year, beginning with the date you were issued your first credit. Referees, who get their first credit for being referred, are eligible to earn up to $300 per calendar year in additional credits for referring friends too.
  • How long does it take to receive my Rogers wireless Credit?
    Once a referral has been successfully verified, which takes approximately 30 days, the Rogers wireless credit will be authorized. You can expect to receive your Rogers wireless bill credit on your next monthly statement. Only one Rogers wireless bill credit will be applied to your account per month. Any additional credits will be applied to your next month's bill.
  • It's been 30 days since I have activated my new Rogers wireless account, how come I don't see the credit on my monthly statement?
    Depending on your billing cycle date, the credit may be applied on your next monthly statement if the current billing cycle has lapsed. You can always check the status of your referral by clicking on "Referral History" after you have logged into the Refer Your Friends homepage.
  • Will I get a credit if I become a wireless Rogers customer right after someone refers me?
    Unfortunately, you need to be referred first before you become a Wireless customer to be eligible for the credit.
  • What if I am not on a monthly wireless Rogers plan, am I eligible to still participate in the program?
    To qualify for a referral credit, you need to be on a monthly postpaid Rogers wireless plan. See Program Rules for more information.


  • What if my question is not answered here?
    Please contact the Refer Your Friends program support team via the Contact Us link on the Rogers Refer Your Friends program website. You must be registered to submit your question. to log in/register.
  • The Refer Your Friends website is not working/displaying properly, how can I fix this?
    For an optimal experience, you may have to temporarily disable your antivirus software or ad-blocker. If you continue to experience difficulties, please Contact Us

Terms & Conditions


Offer available for a limited time and subject to change without notice. To be eligible for the program, the referrer must have been an active customer with a Rogers consumer postpaid plan for 30 days. The Referee must be a new Rogers Wireless Consumer customer with an account in good standing for 30 days. See Terms & Conditions below for more details. To refer friends, the referrer must register a Refer Your Friends account (limit one account) at www.rogers.com/refer using an active Rogers wireless customer telephone number ("CTN"). To be eligible, the referee must: (1) unlock their offer within 45 days of receiving the referral; and (2) activate a new Rogers wireless CTN with an eligible wireless postpaid plan and provide the new CTN by clicking the Enter Phone Number link in the email they received after unlocking their offer, within 45 days of unlocking their offer.  Rogers customers and any referees who have activated prior to having being referred are not eligible.   Referrer cannot refer oneself nor can Rogers employees refer a Rogers employee. Upon confirmation of compliance with these terms and eligibility, a credit in the amount of the lesser of $50 or one month's monthly service fee (exclusive of taxes) will be applied to the referrer's account as well as to the new customer's account after the new customer has been a Rogers wireless customer for 30 days (and only if the referrer has remained an active Rogers wireless customer in good standing for 30 days).  A referrer may refer multiple referees, however, a maximum of one credit will be applied each month. Any additional credits will be applied in subsequent months up to a maximum of the lesser of $300 or 12 month's monthly service fees (exclusive of taxes).